Friday, January 28, 2011

Me and My Brain

"Ya jus' can't fight loooove!.....I guess."

Please tell me I didn't just say that.

(I'm anti-romantic. And I really don't use the word "love" unless I'm talking about tall socks or Taco Bell.)

Happy Valentine's Day in a few weeks, by the way. I'll be celebrating by myself (away from my apartment - the roomie already called dibs for the night).
I'd take myself to a movie but I might gag from all the lovey-dovey crap surrounding me.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reasons to Celebrate: 1.27.11

I've been munching on Cadbury Mini-Eggs all morning. Duh-licious.

I'm almost over this dreadful sickness.

Rockin' curls. Yet again. (Thank you, diffuser.)
Packed an apple with my lunch.

It's Thursday. One day closer to jean-day.

And by jean-day I mean Friday. And by Friday I mean the day I get to go home to see my mommy. I sure do miss my mommy.

Kleenex with lotion.

Fake wedding rings that repel the creepers.

My phone finally updated. Congratu-freaking-lations to me.

Friday, January 21, 2011


I swear my lobby is haunted.

Here I am, sitting quietly at my desk, waiting for the phone to ring. Men of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir plays softly in the background. "You raise me uuup..." I keep the volume low.

Suddenly, the elevator doors open. Very, very slowly. Ding...ding.

I turn to see who'll be walking out.

But...there's no one.

The doors are open long enough for me to sneak a peek inside.


"...Creeeeeepyyyyyyy....." I say aloud, turning up the volume of my church music.

I'm thankful it's light outside. Because that was just weird.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reasons to Celebrate

1. I love my job.

2. No caffeine. Even better: No headache. (yet.)
3. My curls are pretty rockin'. (I always get so excited when my curls look good.)
4. I've been using my phone all day and still have over half battery life.

5. The taco stand guy remembered me and made me an exceptional $4 burrito.

6. Have you looked outside today? 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Wanna know one of my favorite names? It's like...I don't even know. Classic. Fun. It makes me think of jazz music.
If I ever have a kid, I'm going to name him (or her - turns out it's a girls name, too

Pet Peeve #564

I'm no photographer.
In fact, I barely know anything about photography.

Okay, wait. That's a lie.
I have two cameras. Both are old. One is antique. Film (beautiful, beautiful film). A Canon Rebel and a Nikon Nikkormat.

I know a bit about photography. The basics. (Basically.) Thanks to my amazing experiences assisting an amazing photographer and friend. I know enough to get me started.

The first thing I ever learned on this subject was
how to hold the camera.

This doesn't matter if you're using a wimpy point-and-shoot.

But if you actually have a decent camera, at least carry it correctly so you don't look like a total fool.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Like a G6

Brother: "What's that really repetitive, annoying song called?"

Me: "Um. I don't know."

Brother: "It's got something to do with drinking. Getting drunk."

Me: "Ahhhummm...."

Brother: "It's got like a Q in it. Oh, or a 6."

Me: "Oh! Like a G6. did you get Q out of that?!" 

I really do love my family.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Date Night

My original plan for this weekend was to go home and spend some time with family and friends. You know, seeing as Monday is a holiday and all.
(No work, no school!)
But I might have just come up with a different idea.
(Different. Not better. Different idea, same greatness.)

Date night.

As in, going out and actually do something.

As in, I'm going to be taking myself on a date.
(On the way to visit family and friends, of course.)

I've done this a few times in the past, but it's definitely been a too long since my last "self date".

How nice it will be to take myself and a book to a local coffee shop, curl up on an old, comfy ripped couch with a tall hot cocoa, and just...relax. I'll keep my headphones in to show that I'm just here for myself. Don't try socializing with me.

Or maybe I'll do something else. Local bands playing live shows. I support local music. I love stuff like that. Jamming to some new tunes while swaying to the beat. With a tall hot cocoa, of course.

I might not be in that mood tonight. What shows are playing at the theater? Just me, the big screen, and a large (buttery, salty, beautiful) bucket of popcorn. Oh yeah.

Date night. "Me" time. All alone, no worries, no stress. I don't have to try to impress anyone or worry about if I'm saying the right things.

I might have to plan these more often.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"The City"

I feel so city-girl-ish and all.

I can smell the inversion as soon as I step out of my little apartment (complete with wi-fi and a washing machine). Inhale that smog. Deep breaths.

This morning I stopped at the bank and they recognized me. (I still had to show them my I.D., though.)

On my way to work I bought a bagel and some hot chocolate (with some hazelnut flavoring) from a local cafe-thingy. The guy gave me extra whipped cream and decorated the top with chocolate syrup, jus' because I'm cute and all smiley. I gave him a dollar tip even though I spent less than five.

The taco-stand guys know me and speak to me (in Spanish) on a regular basis. "Quieres cebollas?" Yes, please and thank you.

I show up to work in a skirt and sit at a desk. I leave at five. I park in a multi-level parking garage even though I only live a few blocks away. I take the train to work.

Honestly, compared to most "big cities", this one is rather puny.

But I love it. So much.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reasons to Celebrate

1. It's Tuesday. That means Friday (jean day) is just 3 days away.
2. I made a rockin' potato casserole thingy last night. Unfortunately, I put it in the oven too late, therefore causing me to take it out of the oven too late, therefore causing me to not want to eat because it was so late. It's okay, though, because I brought some with me for lunch today. (The best part? Potatoes, butter, heavy cream, sour cream, salt and pepper, and lots of cheese. It's so unhealthy I could just die. With gladness.)
3. Guess what I'm listening to. Love.
4. I vacuumed the lobby today. You'd be impressed if you saw it. My coworker noticed me cleaning and gave me an odd look. I said, "I'm just so domestical, huh?"
5. Monday is a holiday. Woot.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fifteen Facts

I was born in Orlando.
I work at a publishing company. I'm just the receptionist.
My favorite color is black. Not in a "oh-I'm-so-dark-and-depressed" kind of way. I just like the color. (Or the lack of, if we're getting technical.)
I do not straighten my hair. I let it be.
I make the best tacos around.
Both my parents (and their spouses) live in the same small town.
I'm secretly a nerd. I love Pokemon cards, Digimon, The Hobbit, Guitar Hero, and the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack.
I only wear jeans once a week. On Fridays. Every other day I'm in a skirt or dress. (Except Saturday, when I'm in my pajamas.) This is truly unfortunate because I love my jeans (and I look great in them).
When I die, I want my journal to be burned. Else the government will test all my posterity for crazy genes.
I'm not a romantic. In fact, romance makes me rather ill.
It could be mid-August and 100 degrees and I'd still be cold.
If I never get married, I'll be just fine. I'll get a dog.
I'm loyal till the end.
I've never gotten a manicure. I'm okay with that.
I liked the name Jasper before Twilight made it "cool".

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two Thousand Ten

Well, it's happened.
The old year ended. A new one began.
(Somehow this always takes me by surprise. "Whaaat?! It's January again?")
How did that happen so fast? Where did 2010 go? What's going to happen this next year?
I have one whole year to play with. A brand new, fresh, lovely 365 days to make whatever I want out of myself and my life. How fun.
But what happened last year? What did I accomplish? What did I do?

I spent a lot of time in my dark place. Wallowing in my self pity. Feeling oh-so-sorry for myself. Goal for 2011: No more of that, please. (Thank you.)
Friends came and went. New, old, funny, irritating beyond belief, fake, accidental, unexpected. I argued with some. Laughed with more. Cried on some shoulders (and been cried on). Helped a few. Lied for others. A fair few stuck with me through the seasons, for which I will be eternally grateful. Others disappeared into the void we call "life". That's okay, though. Goal for 2011: Remain loyal, true, and honest.
I got a job. Kind of a big deal, folks. A real job. A place where I can grow and laugh and learn. I love my job and everyone there. (That part is the "big deal" part.) Goal for 2011: Keep it. Impress everyone with my awesomeness. Maybe they'll decide to like me.
I moved out. I am no longer under my mother's wing (still not sure how I feel about that). My 3 roommates are just lovely and I adore them. They make my life better on a daily basis. Goal for 2011: Make their lives as great as they've made mine.
And school started. (Finally, yes, I know. School.) First semester ended quite nicely. I have high hopes for next semester. Goal for 2011: Straight As, baby.
My dear older brother returned with honor. Hooray! He isn't nearly as weird as I was expecting, though he is set on finding himself a little wifey sometime soon. Careful, ladies, he's on the prowl. Goal for 2011: Let him get married first. Seeing as I'm more in love with myself than the idea of marriage and companionship, this won't be too difficult. I hope. If not, the fake ring on my finger will ward off any eligible bachelors.
Thanks to the lovely lemonade diet, I got down to my goal weight. Thanks to lovely cookies, cakes, ice creams, and Skittles, I gained everything back. Goal for 2011: Just stay at my healthy weight. Thank you, Planet Fitness (and the amazing tanning beds).
I've finally let some things go. Goodbye and good riddance. Goal for 2011: Don't let it back.
I spent more time straightening my hair than I did at church. Goals for 2011: Embrace the princess curls. And go back to church. Yes, the singles ward is bad. But isn't Hell worse?
My piano sat forgotten and cold for the better part of the year. My poor hands can barely remember the tunes I once played with my eyes closed. Goal for 2011: practice, practice, practice! I'll get it back. Just you wait.
I gave up on love this year. I decided love didn't exist and I let my heart disappear into a dark, infinite abyss. Goal for 2011: Find my heart. Love or no love, I do have a heart. I am not some soulless robot.
Last, but not least, I lost and found myself. I searched and searched. And then...poof!...There I was. Just waiting to be discovered. And I love every bit and piece and thought and feeling. I found me, and I'm perfectly happy with that person. Goal for 2011: Stay me. Never lose me again.

The end.
(...or the beginning?)


“Dating is like the game Yahtzee. You roll the dice and have a 1 in 6 chance of getting someone attractive, a 1 in 6 chance of getting someone funny, a 1 in 6 chance of getting someone smart, a 1 in 6 chance of getting someone hard-working, a 1 in 6 chance of getting someone who really cares, and a 1 in 6 chance of getting someone who loves you back…and then you have a 1 in 46656 chance of getting someone with all of them.”