Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thirty Minutes?

I'll take it.
I should probably be getting ready for work right now. However, I don't actually have to get ready for another half hour. Go me! Hopefully this doesn't take too long.
Lately I've been feeling less than creative. Frustrating? Very. But I'm sure (or at least I'm hoping) that I'll soon hit that high and go on a writing binge (that happens sometimes - you should see my notebook). I'll have to keep a Sharpie and my little notebook close by so I'm prepared.
Did I mention that my job is awesome? I've met some pretty influential people, and not all of them are considered "famous." Paul Cardall, Sheri Dew, Elder Nelson, Kenneth Cope are among the famous ones. For some reason, though, I like the less-than-famous ones better. My boss (we'll call her "M"), and various coworkers (M, S, H, R, V, and DCCB3) pretty much make my day...daily. It's like being in The Office. Except better. How could it possibly be better than The Office (which, I've gotta say, is pretty much the one TV show I'll watch)? Well. We listen to church music, we all are so nice to each other (well, I think so), we don't say, "that's what she said," and we are not a failing paper company. I think those are some pretty good reasons, right? Also, our HR people are SO much better than Toby. Just sayin'.
Enough about work. Let's talk about play. Or the lack of. I'm still working on finding some friends up here in "the city." (Yes, I consider Salt Lake a city.)
Enough about play.
Uhh what's with the weather lately? Can you believe that stupid, stupid snow? Luckily it's supposed to be in the sixties this weekend. We shall see. I just hope the snow storms stop before my birthday (in May).
Speaking of birthdays. I decided what I am getting myself for my birthday! Stay tuned. Because no one gets to find out UNTIL it's bought. Yay for secrets, surprises, and presents!
Also. Day 2 of not eating sugar OR carbs was a success. On to the next.
I recently read in Revelation that 666 is actually the number of the devil. Did anyone else know this was biblical? I thought it was just something Iron Maiden made up. I thought it was clever. But then, BAM. I'm thinking I should study my scriptures more often.
My half hour is up.